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Our CFA registered purebred Tonkinese kittens are extra special. in the first generation they come from very hardy original CFA registered Traditional Siamese and CFA registered Traditional Burmese blood lines and have since been bred true for sound health and an even disposition. 

We are members of the prestigious TBA and our purebred Tonkinese are a robust, sturdy, stocky, muscular and acrobatic breed having tight, short hair and is considered a no-work breed and by many to be one of the most hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Mink and solid colors with blue to aquamarine eyes are available. This highly intelligent, sweet, loving breed is a superior pet for the single person or family unit. 

Their outgoing personality is able to adjust to any situation with little effort and mix in well in established homes with other breeds.

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Beatrice Dore' "Aunt Bea"
Located in South Florida

(Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, or Palm Beach Airports are all nearby)
Home Phone: (863) 675-4075 - Cell: (561) - 827-3669

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Beginning November 17, 2013, I will be joining a very large number of breeders across the U.S. in no longer shipping pets. Due to a change in Department of Agriculture regulations for pet breeders that the USDA itself has interpreted in contradictory ways, it is impossible for most persons who sell pets to know whether it is legal to ship a pet that the buyer has not seen in person. Violations of this rule carry severe penalties. For our safety, ALL sales must take place face to face.

This ruling is going to seriously curtail the choice of those wishing to buy the pet of their choice unless you are willing to travel to your breeder of choice regardless of distance. As written this will also affect service animals being made available to those in need.

While we do understand the need to stop those who don't properly care for their animals, and who knowingly sell sick kittens and puppies, we already have existing state and federal laws for those issues.

If you would like to help us fight this bad choice of regulation policy, please contact me or your breeder of choice to see what you can do to help. It is YOUR right to be able to buy a cat or kitten from whoever you choose and to pick it up personally or have your cat or kitten shipped to you or to meet your breeder at a mutually agreed upon place to save you travel and expense. However, you only have that right if it remains OUR right to offer those choices.

We're very sorry to have to make this change but the animal rights movement and the federal government are together on this: We cannot fight Washington.



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