Letters from some of my Satisfied Customers although I and the kittens think of them as their New " Parent - Providers " at their ForeEver Home.

Many of these friends have visited my home, which is a Veterinarian Supervised & Inspected home cattery -some did not have the opportunity because they lived out of the area. I have been raising Happy Healthy New Feline Family Members for 32 years - most all our Adopters have been able to come and visit my home, meet me and play with the babies.

Some folks did not have the luxury of a visit, they may have lived too far away - but I was able to bring JOY to those families (mostly American families - Military, State, and Corporate) through out Europe, Kuwait, Japan, South and Central America. I was proud that I could help returning deployed Veterans and to establish and mentor the first Ragdoll Breeder ever in Hawaii. Due to the new APHIS regulation changes - those folks will no longer have my Spoiled Baby Kittens as an opportunity.

Thank you folks for years of continuing friendship and support

Aunt Bea !


Today is Chelsea Sue Babea Girl's 7th Birthday!!!!!!!!! Chelsea continues to be the most lovable, spoiled, and wonderful little kitty. Even Bill has just fallen in love with her.

My vet at Armistead Animal Hospital, Dr Bev Silkey, asked where I got Chelsea from. She just loves the Ragdoll breed, and adores Chelsea. She says that Chelsea is so well behaved and loving. She lost her beloved cat a few months ago, and is now considering getting a ragdoll. I gave her your info, so I do not know if she has contacted you yet?

Chelsea is still 13 lbs. and doing well. She owns us more than we own her. I now have 4 cat trees and two litter boxes. Wolfgang from the cat post place, knows me well now. Bill built her a shelf across the entire picture window in the den, so Chelsea could look out at the geese. We live on a creek area, and the Canadian geese are so gorgeous.

We love our baby sooo much, and cannot believe she is 7!!!
Thank you again,
Susan and Bill Brown

NOTE: Chelsea was fortunate to be in a VOGUE Italia magazine photoshoot we did down here in South Beach - Susan lives in Virginia and adopted Chelsea "sight unseen" - under "new" USDA definitions this could not happen . . . this is not progress - this is about control !


Aunt Bea,

The Widdle Kids are terrific. The boys look more alike each day, I can hardly tell them apart myself! They are all in that "gravity spell" when they knock things down JUST to see them fall!!!! And then do it again just to check on Newton's Law! They are a hoot!....so.....

To whom it may concern,

This letter is a recommendation for anyone interested in adopting kittens from Bea Dore'.

I own 3 of her kittens (actually, they own me!). The kittens are about 7 months old now and are adorable, precious, friendly, affectionate, totally healthy, and just beautiful. I have a seal point Siamese and 2 mink Tonkinese.

The direct result of the way they were handled as kittens by the Dore's is in that they are very healthy and very friendly. Bea Dore' absolutely loves her kittens and it shows! She had written tips about food, litter, carrying cases, etc. all ready to share...and they were correct about everything! She is a breeder who truly cares... and is not breeding "for profit only". The Bea's kittens reflect that attitude and have nothing but love and affection for everyone in their temperament! They came in to my home with an older cat in residence... and there was minimal adjustment...only a hiss or two and then it was all over. No one, even my older Balinese, can resist these kittens! My vet is impressed with their health and I am just delighted with their personalities !

If I can be of any assistance in telling you any additional information about Bea's kittens, please don't hesitate to call me.

Sincerely yours,

Marcie Gorman, Palm Beach, Florida

...but more importantly... I am a cat lover with over 30 years of experience with multiples of cats! These are truly outstanding cats!

Hi there,

Beatrice Dore' ( "Aunt Bea" ),

With great excitement my husband and I arrived at Los Angeles International (LAX) awaiting the arrival of the American Airlines flight from Palm Beach which would bring us our three month old Ragdoll baby "Samson". It was love at first sight (even though you had emailed us baby photos, and even more photos as he grew up in your home). Samson is the most beautiful, precious, adorable little kitty. We are pleasantly amazed at the loveable affectionate nature of Sampson, he jumps into our laps and purrs as he naps. He just loves being picked up and cuddled.

Samson adjusted instantaneously, our home is now his; and our three year old Ragdoll Samantha was equally taken with him. The two cats adjusted to one another so quickly we are still in awe. This could not have happened had Samson not been raised with such tender loving care as you have lavished on him. Our Samson is a "lover" who now sleeps with us every night - thank you for training him so well ! 

Samson's first visit to the his Vet. Dr. Buck went beautifully. Samson is in excellent health and continues to flourish. He is very active and loves all his toys - which are now scattered all over his house. He is amazingly wonderful and we feel so blessed to have found you folks who have raised such a loving little kitty. The personally written "New Kitten Manual" was so helpful; proper kitten food and diet, litter, assimilation, grooming, bottled water !! etc, has been so much help - only the best ! The meticulous care these kittens from you, Aunt Bea at SiamBaliRags have received guarantees a perfectly wonderful pet !

Thank you for your care of my Samson, If in the future, we want to add to our family again, we would immediately call you Bea, we might have found a kitten closer, but definitely none sweeter nor better !


Margareta and Fred Jamner

Santa Barbara, California

Aunt Bea ! Just wanted you to know, the very first thing I gave thanks for on Thanksgiving - was Clifford. He makes me laugh every day, and has made my life so much more complete. He's definitely my best buddy!

We were without power for 15-days after Wilma, and he was great comfort. After power was restored, I took a day off work to clean. He's never been afraid of the vacuum, always stays in the same room and watches. I was using the canister with hose and brush to vacuum furniture and he refused to move, so I started vacuuming him. Well, he absolutely LOVES to be vacuumed. He plays hide-and-seek, he fetches his favorite toy for me to throw again and again, and loves to stick his paw out from under my bed skirt to poke my feet. And there's a list of other things that are the cutest!

He's healthy, happy and doing great - thank you!!! ...k Kay Guertin West Palm Bach, Florida

Hi Beatrice,

It has not even been a week and we're already head over heals in love with our new kitten we've named Jordan. We also refer to her as Little One, Squeaky, Baby Girl, etc. I am sure that the nicknames will continue coming. She is very well behaved. I have taken her to the Veterinarian for our well-baby check up all all is purrfect !

We have even taken her with us to get our family photos taken last night. She was pretty good - although she had her own ideas of why she was there. Apparently she does not recognize a good "photo-op" when she sees one, but she has only been here a week.

Thank you for this bundle of love, She is so precious.

Susan and Greg Stanifer

Spokane, Washington

Hi Bea,

Thought you might like to see some recent pics of Loki. As you can tell, he is gorgeous. He has grown a lot, as you would expect, and has adapted well to the family.

His house manners have been perfect from day one and he seems to love us as much as we do him. We had him neutered last month, but lucky him, it was delayed 2 weeks because of Wilma. He gets and gives a great deal of affection. He is quite active and curious and really enjoys playing with all of us, but Nick especially. He goes nuts for about 10 minutes everyday when Nick gets home from school. It's really funny to watch.

Thank you for letting us adopt him. We give him the best of care.

Happy holidays,

Joe Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Aunt Bea,

Everyone who owns a pet, especially a Tonk, knows that they are more than just a loyal fuzzy friend. They are what make you look forward to coming home everyday, they make your house a home, and above all else…they are part of your family. Therefore, we felt that our choice in a breeder was the ost important decision when we decided to add another Tonk to our family.

Over a year ago, we picked up our first Tonkinese kitten and brought him home, only to find out that he was VERY sick. We spent months of extra special care and sleepless nights nursing him back to health. We are so grateful that he is healthy now, but obviously, it was extremely important to make sure that any future kittens we were to bring into our home come from the right cattery. As every Tonk owner knows…you can’t have just one (like a potato chip). So, when we decided to get our second Tonk, we spent months doing our research. This is when we came across SiamBaliRags.

We have found that many breeders are more interested in the business, rather than the love of cats and the breed. The moment we spoke to you, we knew that you were different, and that you truly cared about your cats and kittens. Still, given what we had gone through, we wanted to see for ourselves. So, we called you to set up a time to come by and meet the two of you and your cats, and to see your cattery. So off we went...we booked a same day flight in and out of West Palm Beach (crazy, huh?). Not so crazy when you’ve been through what we had. You were beyond kind, going out of your way to make our trip as headache free and pleasant as possible, and for that, we are extremely thankful. 

Once we walked in, we knew this was where our new friend would come from. Your cattery (your house) is immaculate! Most importantly to us, ALL of your cats and kittens were healthy, friendly, and full of energy! It is apparently obvious that you treat each cat and kitten with the love and care I would have wanted given to a kitten that would one day be mine. You were kind enough to let us stay and play with our soon to be kitten and to get to know him. The two of you are extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to share your experiences and give your excellent advice.

A few weeks later we made arrangements to have our kitten (we named Mushu) shipped to us. At first it seemed scary, but being very experienced in this area, you assured us things would run smoothly. Of course, they did, and we picked up our bundle of love from the airport seamlessly along with the great toys you packed for him. Mushu was full of energy and love, which has only increased exponentially since then! He has been the perfect addition to our family, and we (including our other cat) love him more than words can express.

Though we would like to formally thank you for all that you have done for us from the moment we first began talking to you, through our trip to see you, and most importantly for raising our perfect Tonkinese kitten, Mushu, thank you just doesn't seem to say enough in this circumstance.

You have a real talent for raising wonderful kittens, both beautiful and with superb temperaments. We were just blown away by your sincere care for each cat, and the effect that is apparent in each cats’ personality. Your level of professionalism and experience has made a huge impression on us, and the fact that you have sincere interest in Mushu and his adaptation to his new home has been much appreciated. You are truly special people, and we will forever be grateful!

With Sincere Thanks,

Laura and Omer Munir

New Jersey

*The Munirs reserved one of our kittens and flew down from New Jersey to get to know it a little better They flew down for the day and rather than them having to rent a car we met them up at Palm Beach International Airport.. After spending 3 or so hours with us and the kitten at our home we dropped them back off as well- If you would like to come and visit we would be pleased to do the same as well ! 


You probably don't remember me but nine years ago we got two kittens from you. My name is Yvonne Credit at the time we were living in Ft. Pierce, FL we are now living in Ohio. Anyhow I was on the retired friends site and seen your posting of the cats. I couldn't believe it, there you were. I thought I'd drop you a line or two and say hi and share a photo or two.

I can't tell you how much we love these guys. Saki is the sweetest and most snuggable Siamese! Everyone who meets him always remarks how beautiful and big Saki is. He isn't really all that big, a healthy 11lb. I just think most people think of the wedgies when they hear of Siamese. He really is the greatest and very smart. I just can't say enough good things about this cat, he's my snugglemuffin.

Glad to see your still breeding these doll babies, they are the purrfect companions !

Yvonne Chagrin Falls, Ohio


I do not know if Sandi has ever sent you an email thanking you for Sadie. I am sending this to you as we wait for Jake to hit 13 or 14weeks in January, so we can pick him up and add him to the family.

It really is hard to describe an 11 pound ball of soft silky fur, who comes running to the door every evening when I turn the key, screeching hello and trying to guess which room I am going to head into, so she can beat me in there and either jump on her perch or hide behind something to start the game of hide & seek. Of course she is talking the whole time, letting me know where she is and communicating as only a ragdoll can and does. Unless you are prepared for complaining, don't close a door on her, as she wants to be with you in whatever room you are in - yes - I mean whatever room. 

Some of the other ragdoll owners comment on how the cat really owns the house. It is true. She not only owns it, she dominates it, letting us know what she wants, when she wants and just how much attention at any one time is the correct amount. However, there is nothing that can describe the feeling of when an 11 pound one year old fur ball jumps into your lap, climbs up on your chest, snuggles down purring and is asleep in an instant, only to wake up after ten minutes to turn over belly up for a rub. 

Sadie has been with us almost ten months and the word "hairball" does not exist. She is not a particular fan of brushing too much, but even so, sheds very little.

I had a golden retriever who liked to fetch a ball for me to throw or play with. Sadie will not only fetch, but brings the ball or any other toy she wants to play with, "tell" me that it is time to play with her and then if the game is retrieve, she retrieves it until she gets winded. The wand with the tinsel on the end is a source of continuous enjoyment for her, often jumping three feet straight up in the air to get at it. It recently also became a throw and retrieve toy, which she drags from room to room, placing it on the bed or at the foot of the bed so it is there when we wake up, together with a motley assortment of other toys. 

If any new customer ever hesitates about considering a ragdoll, please show them this email and if they want to hear more personally, they can call me, but they better be prepared for an earful - AND YES, the kittens do look exactly like their photos, some even better. 

We are waiting for January to arrive, so we can pick up Jake. What a household -

Sadie and Jake Cats. 
Melvin F. Frankel Miami


The kids are having a blast with the kitten, and she with them. It's like she was raised with kids. Our 4 year old daughter Maxine is being careful with her, but we still watch. Miles ( age 7 ) spends a lot of time with her, and she sleeps in his lap. We are very close to having a name.

The kitten loves Mugwump ( our existing 7 year old cat ) and greeted him this morning by running to him and trying to rub all over him. He greets her with sniffs and purrs and little meows, but doesn't seem to get why she doesn't stop moving. I think he would lick her if the kitten was still for a second. They played a hide-and-seek game last night. Mugwump started it - normally he plays it with me every night, but chose the new kitten this time. It's a chase and find game, taking turns. The kitten loved it, and is better at it than I am.
She snuck up on him from behind, and he nearly jumped through the roof.

The trip home was easy. She meowed maybe twice, and slept a lot. Made it to the litter box just fine at home, even though we had to bring it in and fill it while she waited.

She is everything we wanted. Playful, sweet, smart, and healthy !

Thank you,
Susan Jacobson

Saint Augustine, Florida