USDA and APHIS have set in place a ruling that will exterminate the dog and cat fancy as we know and love it. This ruling will exterminate the hobby breeder and negatively impact the dog and cat breeds that you love. Click here for more information. (PDF file opens in a new window, just close to return to SiambaliRags website)

DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts
We Use Dry-Fur Pet Pads Exclusively for all our Carriers whether our kitten is traveling around the corner or around the Globe ! 

My Kittens and Cats travel to Japan, Hawaii, Europe, South America, and all over the USA and arrive as clean and fresh as when they were in my living room - thanks to my 24+ years experience in raising my happy, healthy, and well-socialized new family members ~ and our DryFurs !




Cat King Pin