Royal CaninOur kittens are consistently eating their Royal Canin Kitten 36 Kitten Food (dry kibble) and bottled water (we drink it so why shouldn't they) "free choice" whenever they want throughout the day.

All kittens are litter box trained and have been using their scratching posts and cat trees since they were 5 to 6 weeks of age. Additionally, our home is a Veterinarian Supervised and Inspected home cattery that is FeLv, FIV, negative. Sorry, we do not offer stud services because of the associated risk of disease.

The Adoption Fee includes all kitten immunizations, and possible parasite (worm) preventatives, our Veterinarian visits and a Florida or special Interstate Health Certificate, for our baby's security we even include a high quality internationally approved composite cat carrier that will last the life of your cat, also we will handle all flight arrangements if necessary and will take the kitten to Palm Beach International Airport for you without additional charge, and especially our personally written 54 page "New Kitten Manual" covering almost everything including food, feeding, litter, your kitten's integration into its new home, adjusting to an established cat or dog, even easy claw clipping, toilet training, bathing, and more). To smooth transition into their new home all kittens come complete with the same food, cat litter, toys and treats that they have grown up enjoying - from our home to yours it will seem like a short ride to a different floor . . . all other things will remain the same !

The Adoption Fee is All-Inclusive !

Occasionally we have younger (2-4 years) healthy adult cats that are spayed or neutered that we would like to place in a good home for a very reasonable price. These are great companions and can be a friend to your current cat or perhaps a retired person.

We Use Dry-Fur Pet Pads Exclusively for all our Carriers whether our kitten is traveling around the corner or around the Globe ! 

My Kittens and Cats travel to Japan, Hawaii, Europe, South America, and all over the USA and arrive as clean and fresh as when they were in my living room - thanks to my 24+ years experience in raising my happy, healthy, and well-socialized new family members ~ and our DryFurs !